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IMSs and OurCon - Names and Brief History

Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society 

Mass Spectrometry Imaging Society (MSIS) was founded in 2017 Basel, Switzerland.  MSIS aims to share the knowledge on MS Imaging


OurCon is the annual conference of the MSIS.

So far there were 5 OurCon being held.  

  • OurCon I: Ourense (2012)
  • OurCon II: Antalya (2013)
  • OurCon III Pisa (2015)
  • OurCon IV: Ustron (2016)
  • OurCon V: Doorn (2017)

The upcoming OurCon VI (2018) will be held jointly with the IMS² in Charleston, SC, USA.

Imaging Mass Spectrometry Society (IMSS or IMS²)

Imaging Mass Spectrometry (IMSS or IMS²) was founded in 2017 Pennsylvania, US.  Its mission is dedicated to: 1) promoting the development and application of imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) in all applicable venues including academia, government, and industry, 2) enhancing the IMS community by disseminating best practices and acceptance criteria around the IMS methodology, 3) providing continual IMS educational opportunities, and 4) collaborating with other societies that have similar or related goals.

IMS² Annual Meeting

IMS² held its inaugural meeting in October 2017 in Waltham, Massachusetts, US.

The upcoming IMS² II (2018) meeting will be held jointly with the MSIS (OurCon VI) in Charleston, SC, USA.








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