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Keynote Speakers

October 3, 2021 (Sun)
Lingjun Li

October 6, 2021 (Wed)
Michael Angelo


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Sessions and Session Chairs

Session (Order TBD) Description (brief) Co-Chair 1 Co-Chair 2
Pharmacology/Toxicology The application of IMS in pharmacology, toxicology, drug distribution, and related topics has disrupted traditional thinking about drug development. This session will explore new approaches, methods, and applicationsof IMS in pharmacology/toxicology and drug development. William Hardesty (GlaxoSmithKline) Sylwia Stopka (Harvard University)
Instrumentation & Emerging Techniques This session will focus on bleeding edge instrumentation that includes new spatial probing methods, pre-mass analysis ion manipulations, and advancements in mass spectrometry, as well as new methods for high-throughput data acquisition and interpretation. Vilmos Kertesz (Oak Ridge National Lab) Shane Ellis (University of Wollongong)
Informatics & Advances in Data Analysis This session will focus on advancements in spatial MS and IMS data analysis, including data handling, informatics, and interpretation. Ken Garrard (North Carolina State University) Heath Patterson (Vanderbilt University)
Clinical IMS Clinial implementations of IMS are changing the way we think about diagnosing, describing, and treating disease (and beyond!). This session will aim to highlight new thinking, new techniques, and new applications in Clinical IMS. Eric Cressman (MD Anderson) Livia Eberlin (University of Texas at Austin)
Preclinical IMS The diversity of applications in preclinical IMS grows everyday. This session is convened to spotlight interesting approaches or lines of research with broad appeal across IMS disciplines. Pierre Chaurand (University of Montreal) Katherine Stumpo (University of Scranton)
Environmental IMS is a rapidly growing method in the environmental and agricultural science fields. This session will focus on MSI applications related to plants, microbes, microbiomes, and interkingdom processes. Laura Sanchez (University of California Santa Cruz) Dusan Velickovic (Pacific Northwest National Lab)
Gains in Single Cell IMS & Highly Targeted IMS Coupled Techniques IMS and spatially resolved MS has continued to advance towards single cell omics of the last decade. This session will focus on methods and tools for performing high resolution and targeted single cell and sub-single cell omics using MS. Jeff Spraggins (Vanderbilt University) Ying Zhu (Pacific Northwest National Lab)
Integrated Multimodal Imaging with IMS This session calls for the most innovative new applications in multimodal molecular imaging and aims to fully represent a diverse set of complementary modalities to IMS. Jay Tarolli (Ion Path) Olga Ovchinnikova (Oak Ridge National Lab)
Quantitative IMS Quantiation of IMS data is an area of continual development and method refinement. This session aims to highlight important advances in quantitation. Fernando (Ralph) Tobias (The Ohio State University) Jeremy Barry (GlaxoSmithKline)
Roundtable The field of IMS has grown significantly over the last decade, with more and more research labs starting to employ and adapt this technology and methodology every year. This session will focus on the future of IMS: what new technologies are on the horizon? What scientific fields are poised to make breakthroughs using IMS? And where should our focus be on improving these tools and methods? Speakers: TBA Roundtable Discussion Lead By: Richard Drake (Medical University of South Carolina)








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