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Workshop Chair: Chris Anderton, Ph.D, Pacific Northwest National Laboratories

09:00 - 09:10 am Introduction/Program Overview

09:10-10:25 am: MetaSpace: platform for metabolite annotation of imaging mass spectrometry data

1. Principles and pitfalls of metabolite and lipid annotation in imaging MS

2. How to use METASPACE for automated annotation (tutorial, examples, QA)

3. Advanced features and scenarios of using METASPACE (offsample filtering, co-localized ions, neutral losses, derivatization, programmatic access)

The url to the software website is

10:25-10:45 am: Break

10:45 am-Noon: MSiReader: open source Matlab GUI and function library for visualization and analysis of Mass Spectrometry Imaging data sets

1. Peak finding, normalization and untargeted analysis

2. Image correlation and principal components analysis

3. Algorithm development with the application programming interface

The url to the software website is

12:00-01:15 pm: Lunch

01:15-02:30 pm: Cardinal MSI: a mass spectrometry imaging toolbox for statistical analysis

1. Cardinal/R basics

2. Data import/export

3. Visualization

4. Pre-processing (briefly)

5. Unsupervised analysis (image segmentation)

6. Supervised analysis (classification + cross-validation)

7. Statistical hypothesis testing

The url to the software website is

02:30-02:45 pm: Break

02:45-04:00 pm: SCiLS: Interpretation of MALDI imaging mass spectrometry data

1. Quantitation

2. Tissue typing

3. Metabolite identification










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