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Postdoctoral Fellow-Developing Mass Spectrometry Imaging to Advance Distribution Studies

March 25, 2021 4:04 PM | Junhai Yang

Drug Metabolism and Distribution group within the DMPK department of Abbvie utilizes MS imaging to help drive molecules to the market. The successful candidate will pursue several research initiatives that will enhance the utility of MSI for tissue distribution and understanding of safety.  One area is to increase the sensitivity of imaging by utilizing novel ion source and targeted imaging methodologies to allow projects to be investigated when analytes fall below the current limit of detection. It is also important to Identify endogenous markers in various tissues (eye, liver, kidney, heart, etc.) to provide a high confidence of assignment in tissue distribution analysis. The generation of ion atlas will broadly improve spatial specificity, accelerate biomarker discovery for drug development, and significantly increase the ability to fully investigate the molecular drivers of biological processes. In additionlarge molecule imaging methods and improved protocols need to be developed for MS imaging to be more robust and routine. This would permit the distribution of ADCs, antibody, and anticancer agents to be more fully investigated by MS imaging spectrometry.

please apply the position through Abbvie's site:


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