Imaging Mass Spectrometry Society (IMS²)

IMSS 2 log.png
  • Time: November 11 -14, 2018

  • Location:  Charleston, South Carolina

  • Feature: 

    • IMSS II and OurCon VI features the highest concentration of MSI experts of any conference

    • The single-track session allows you to reach all participants

    • Social activities form opportunities for marketing, client meetings and collaboration

    • We are fully open to your requests or suggestions, so please do not hesitate to ask


Other Upcoming Event:

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The Imaging Mass Spectrometry Society (IMS²) is a non-profit organization (501c).  Our mission is dedicated to: 1) promoting the development and application of imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) in all applicable venues including academia, government, and industry, 2) enhancing the IMS community by disseminating best practices and acceptance criteria around the IMS methodology, 3) providing continual IMS educational opportunities, and 4) collaborating with other societies that have similar or related goals.