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Poster Session

Don't print! Flash talk!

Wait!? What's that you say? Don't print my poster?

To accommodate social distancing the poster session for IMSS3 has been modified. Accepted poster presenters have all been scheduled as 5 minute pre-recorded flash talks! Please prepare a traditional poster file and save it as a pdf. This file will be included in the poster bundle to be provided electronically for all participants to follow while your flash talk is playing.

Then...get creative!! Record your 5 minute (strict time limit) poster flash talk however you feel is best for your data, then save and submit as an MP4 or WMV format. Want to stand in front of a full size poster, give a 5 minute talk and have someone record the whole thing? Great! Want to prepare a few snapshots of the poster and show them as slides as your visual aid for your 5 minute talk? Great! Want to interpretive dance your poster to video because it is the most effective way to communicate the data? Great!!

We're living in unprecedented times. New and interesting video poster presentations for this meeting format are welcome.

See the upload details in your poster acceptance email for the file submission link.


Details for the poster award competition are coming soon! Stay tuned and send in a GREAT video of your poster.

We are grateful for our generous sponsors! Please visit their websites and help support the imaging community.









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